Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated
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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download


Concern: Would You Like To Know My Exact Ninja

Marketing Methods, So That You Can Duplicate

These Results For Your Own Amazon Business?


If You Want To Be Coached On My Exact Methods For “Crushing It” On Amazon, Then Keep Reading To Learn About My New Amazon Fast Track Monthly Coaching Club– Limited Opportunity:

* Only available for Jason Fladliens ASM masters that have actually already purchased asm and also not refunded– this is not a replacement for the amazing asm course!! *

This is supported by Rapid Crush since I was an ASM Masters train to a number of hundred asm’ ers as well as once I was finished with the free coaching, we maintained obtaining direct ask for more training help with amazon.

Because I do not have time to work face to face any longer, I organized this group coaching. These are just my very own techniques and strategies that have actually functioned truly well for us. Keeping that let me explain what this has to do with …

Dear Friend,

My very first month on Amazon, I was able to figure out a distinct method to rank my all new amazon product.

It took me only four weeks (with just 1 “live” item) to strike $14,981.10 per month as well as we sold 478 units.

Take a look at a screenshot from this my very first month:

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download


This never ever would have happened, if had actually done ASM the ‘standard method’ that every person else does.

Fast forward to today.

We simply hit $114,532.60 each month and also offered 3,788 devices this month! Below’s an existing screenshot:

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Not bad for doing my amazon business “part-time” as well as for a business that we actually just started on January! Crazy?

If things go as intended– we have struck all my sales targets to day– I’ll strike $3000,000/ month by this time following year, at concerning 42% net earnings.

Not bad money, eh?

I can quite much neglect concerning it once I obtain a new item on as well as launched correctly. I have never prior to knowledgeable such leverage before.

Invest a little time in advance. Earn money right into all time.

Would certainly You Like To Earn This Kind Of Money From Your Amazon.Com Private Label Business?


I Can Tell You, That It’s Absolutely Possible.

I recognize, due to the fact that I am living evidence.

I’ve been on “amazon” a reasonably short time. Already I struck $114,000/ month of which I obtain a large piece of that I reach maintain as pure earnings.

The factor for my success on Amazon, is since I am doing points much in a different way than what is instructed in ASM, much of which is absolutely counter-intuitituve …

… and as well as importantly …

I’ve developed a established of unique ‘marketing and ranking as well as’ techniques no one else is using, making use of work exceptionally jobIncredibly and that And also’ve proven to confirmed within function own amazon

There Only 3 ThingsThat I MustFocus On InMy AmazonBusiness


1) Ranking MyProducts ToPageOne, AsFast AsPossible.

You might as well be on web page 300 if you’re on page 3! Similar to rating a website in Google, if you’re not on page one, you pointless. Amazon functions the same way.

2) Getting AsMany FiveStar Reviews InShortest TimePossible ForMy NewProduct.

When individuals utilize Amazon and click on your listing, if the headline as well as images look appealing, what does everyone do?

They scroll right down to review your testimonials!

If you just have a pair reviews, you will not win their impulse purchase … as well as … you additionally will not “stick” in the rankings.

3) Finding Hot Products To Sell

I have an easy goal:

To make $10,000/ mo per product.

That is a conventional goal, since my experience is that you can make more than this– yet that’s my preliminary target.

To strike $100,000/ month sales, I require to release 10 great products.

I liketo keepbusiness simple Andto mak $100k month isas simple as that.

I actually surpassed this target lately, having actually hit $115k in sales with less than 10 items.

” I ThinkI’ve CrackedThe CodeOn HowTo RankAny

Product ToPage OneOn Amazon”


However there’s something else I require to show you …

Something that will really open your eyes.

Every product that I have actually directly launched on, I have had the ability to pro-actively get it ranking on page 1 on, normally within less than 12 days.

Yes– in every single instance.

Yes– even in 2 ultra-competitive niches

Yes– throughout multiple product classifications.

” Here Are A Few Recent Examples …”


( 1) In 24 Hours, I Was Able To Get A Brand New Product Of Ours Ranked # 1 In ALL Of Amazon Beauty!

Have a look at this screenshot that I took when this occurred just recently …

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Allow this to sink in! For every one of, the globe’s largest e-commerce site, it took me only 1 day to make this brand-new product rank # 1 in ALL of amazon top 100 “best sellers” in “Beauty.”.

Not a sub group.

Not for some rare easy-to-rank for product.

To the best of my understanding, this has actually never been done previously a minimum of by any individual I know. Specifically making use of positive marketing techniques such that I utilized.

As a matter of fact, in that someday we marketed $16,546.40 in sales and also offered 592 systems. Yes– this is a ONE DAY screenshot!

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Sales Dashboard.

This remained in among one of the most competitive item classifications on all of amazon. Yet I got it rated # 1 in Beauty in 24 hours, as well as by the way therefore this item has been marketing very well everyday considering that.

As a matter of fact, when new inventory arrives, I plan to remarket this item targeting two additional keywords, and also I believe this set item can do around $50k-$ 60k month in sales, all by itself. We shall see!

( 2) I Recently Launched 3 New Amazon Products. We Had Cracked The Top 100 In Beauty For All Three Products!

Take an appearance and also keep in mind this occurred within one week of advertising these brand-new products!

My products likewise showed up in “Hot New Releases” and also “Movers & Shakers”, leading to a lot more sales velocity to aid market our products:.

These are all new items that I only just begun to promote, using my distinct marketing strategies.

Given that this ranking activity is so brand-new, the large increase in my regular monthly sales isn’t even mirrored in earlier screenshots due to the fact that we are still placing for various other keywords.

My point right here is that within a matter of days, we took three brand new products (that weren’t even in the very first 20 pages) … and obtained them all rating within the top 100 of beauty and also making large sales for us.

Here Is Why All This Is Relevant To You!

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

Without really understanding “squat” in the beginning … utilizing an unique “launch marketing technique” that I created.and have perfected this year. I developed a seven-figure annually business in less than twelve months.

You see, it truly isn’t about the “product”. It is about:

The Marketing!

On, he (or she) that can rank a product to page one, will certainly make it big in this business. If you do not recognize just how to do this, you’re in problem.

” What The Heck Is Your Secret?”.

I have actually provided you with countless proof screeshots, income shots, and ranking proof, that are for my very own items and all recent.

I really hope that I’ve proven to you now, that I recognize my shit. As my amazon business grows and strikes high 6 numbers monthly, you will see me change out of the “guru” business and also return to my origins as an entrepreneur, spear-heading our amazing growth, as well as phasing out all personal clients as well as “wage slave”, non-leverage tasks.

The reason I bring this up, is that you will no longer have accessibility to “Ben Cummings” as an instructor, in the future. Truthfully, why be bothered doing training as well as consulting, when I can make much more (for less time and effort) in my business?

My objective has actually always been to construct a Big Business that can be cost a number of million bucks as well as “retire” to the island of Saint Barths, and also I am laser focused on obtaining that goal in the next 36-48 months.
So if you intend to “take advantage of Ben”, this is probably the last chance to do so, to access my Brain, and to gain from me about squashing it on amazon, to learn these Master Marketing Skills, to make sure that you also can achieve your own variation of “retire to Saint Barths”.

Which leads me to the purpose of this “final” sales letter that I am contacting you …

I lately took on 10 exclusive trainees for 1-on-1 mentoring, yet I shut the doors to that due to the fact that I merely do not have the time to do “exclusive consults” anymore …

And regrettably I prepare to never ever once more take on anymore private 1-on-1 mentoring customers moving forward.

However as quickly as I stopped tackling new customers, we continued to obtain emails daily from individuals wishing to learn from me.

What To Do???

I made a decision that instead of doing face to face coaching any more, that I would be willing to instructor a little elite “mastermind team” consisting of major high achievers as well as meet “practically” using extensive training webinars.

Not just would it be fun.

Not just would it be wonderful networking for both people.

It would certainly also allow me to take numerous of you “along for the ride” to the top of amazon, as we all thrive and also grow together.

Since was an amazing prospect to me, as well as the reason why I have decided to release this very minimal Amazon Monthly Coaching Club.

With ThatLet Me TellYou The DetailsOf WhatYou’ll BeGetting …

First, to get an area, you MUST have purchased the ASM course and also not refunded it, as I am not showing anything from ASM in this program! This coaching program is not intended to be a replacement for the great content you’ve picked up from the ASM course.

Second, Jason Fladlien & Wilson Mattos are suggesting and supported this coaching club to their ASM Masters … which is incredible! This regular monthly coaching club is just provided to ASM Masters, so you have to be an ASM Masters consumer to be qualified.

It will certainly be concerning fast growth of your amazon business so you can hit the large numbers that lead to economic flexibility and a huge business. o squash it on, as well as you obtain to look over his shoulder each month with the idea that you replicate his successes within your very own amazon business” mentoring club.

Recap – This will be an intimate month-to-month “ coaching course”, that will certainly fulfill using webinar 2x’s monthly, in which I will be educating my methods and also methods, on an ongoing basis, to aid your construct your Amazon business to make it a fast success.

Amazon Fast-Track Monthly Coaching Club– The Details:

1) You will certainly participate in 2 live webinars each month. The very first webinar, is concentrated on “Amazon Growth & Marketing Training Webinar” that will certainly last 60-90 mins.

This is where I will certainly be showing you (on on continuous monthly basis) EXACTLY what I am doing on amazon to grow, market and also scale. You get an inside view of my amazon business as well as techniques, with the idea that you take what you’ve learned to replicate my outcomes!

2) Then monthly, we will certainly do a 2nd webinar, which will certainly be a monthly “Amazon QUESTION & ANSWER Webinar”.

On this Q & An webinar, you will certainly have the chance to ask me ANY inquiries you want, obtain nitty gritty assistance on concerns that show up … help with marketing concerns … as well as help with anything else you guys require or want.

* Only readily available for Jason Fladliens ASM masters that have currently gotten asm and not refunded– this is not a substitute for the remarkable asm course!!

This is backed by Rapid Crush due to the fact that I was an ASM Masters train to numerous hundred asm’ ers and as soon as I was done with the free mentoring, we kept getting direct requests for more coaching assistance with functions the exact same method.

With That, Let Me Tell You The Details Of What You’ll Be Getting …

First, to qualify certify a spot, you MUST have purchased bought ASM course and also refunded reimbursed, as I am not teaching showing from ASM in this program!

It will certainly be about rapid development of your business so you can hit the huge numbers that lead to economic flexibility and also a big business. to squash it on amazon, and you get to look over his shoulder each month with the idea that you replicate his successes within your very own amazon business” coaching club.

Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download


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Ben Cummings – Amazon Fast-Track Last Updated Download

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