Course Alex Becker – The Black File Free Download

Alex Becker – The Black File
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Course Alex Becker – The Black File Free Download

Replicate My Exact Ads, Targeting, Landing Pages, Sales Scripts as well as Funnels
That Are Generating Over 1.3 Million Dollars In Sales MONTHLY

The Advertising Black File
The Black File is a 6 week online program which single objective is ruthless mastery of paid advertising and also scaling with considerable concentrate on HOW to make advertising traffic transform.
Upon acquisition you will certainly obtain instant accessibility to the first phases of the program which start by revealing you the total process and also obtaining you started building your advertising and marketing system and including it into your business. The final phases will be delivered to you literally in a jiffy drive
This program is developed for an individual with an existing business that understands the essentials of paid advertising and marketing. The Black File breaks down how to go from standard marketing to mass scaled 5 number a day advertising PROFITABLY and the right way to structure your business/offers to ultimately permit your business to quit playing in the fish pond of restricted Facebook traffic and also start taking advantage of the OCEAN that is mass traffic.

Stage 1: Structuring Front End Offer
The first step to attaining mass scaled advertising and marketing is knowing just how to use front end offers to pay for ad prices and also provide a 3-5x ROI as a reward. With an effectively structured high converting front end offer you can actually spends 10s of thousands to even hundreds of thousands a day expanding your business and client free of cost or even at a substantial revenue.
Imagine having the ability to get 2,000-3,000 brand-new targeted email leads a day at no cost. As a matter of fact envision being able to get that amount of new customers everyday and also get paid for it.
THIS is what phase 1 is all about. You will certainly learn
– The precise kind of offers to sell as your front end
– The precise landing pages and ads to utilize to obtain extremely high decide in rates
– My specific step by action duplicate and also paste cool traffic sales templates that work in any type of niche
– My slides template in a fill in the blank layout that really converts (I use it myself with every new pitch).
– How to evaluate your offer prior to chilly traffic and also constantly improve it.
– How to transform cool traffic LONG TERM as well as create offers that can scale for years.
– The specific funnels I use to double the sales of my offers blueprinted for your individual use.

Stage 2: Mass Advertising.
Now that we have a CORRECTLY structured front end system to gather leads profitably it is time to connect it to mass traffic. In this stage you will certainly see how to methodically utilize information accumulated from Facebook and Adswords to scale campaigns to 5 numbers a day at a ROI in literal days.
Yes. Actual days. The common results we obtain when taking our refined front end offers to paid traffic is 10k-20k a day within the initial couple of days. We can do this due to the fact that we have the exact targeting and also scaling approach blueprinted. You are getting this entire blueprint.

You will learn.
– First and leading my specific ad targeting as well as how I utilize each platform. We will essentially go inside my advertisement accounts and also review 5,000-12,000 3-5x ROI campaigns in their entirety.
– How to compose ads that keep CPL low and match them with touchdown pages based upon the system and just how the traffic acts.
– Delivering outcomes we require to maintain customers AND get them sharing our business.
– Step by action just how constantly get a customer results with basic beginner pleasant strategies.

Week Three: Cloning Offers.
The most convenient way to grow your traffic is NOT pushing Facebook and also Adwords to its limits with a offer that is standing up to scale. The secret is producing new front end offers that attract different kinds of people that can become your target consumer.
In phase 3 we will focus on identify the various passions of your core customer and then just how to target these different interest to 3-5x the quantity of traffic, leads, and also sales you have entering into your business.

You will learn.
– How to rapidly develop offers as well as duplicate pitches in almost any kind of niche.
– How to create ads for various type of customers with ruthless effectiveness.
– How to scale new front end offer FAST and also in days of creating them.
– An easy system for doing this in various other specific niches to spring launch brand-new services.
– How to turn various sorts of individuals right into your core consumer even if they enter your business by means of various passions.
– How to do this in niches you have ZERO experience in.

Week Four: The 10x Back End.
The entire factor of this program is utilizing mass traffic to scale a LONG term business and also boost its overall assessment with constant income rises. This CAN NOT be done without a well structured backside to 10x the cash we spend on advertising and marketing as well as produce a stacking recurring revenue.
The actual cash in any business is made in the backside as well as since we have a method to obtain mass quantities of customers, its time to turn them right into long term consumers that come back to buy a growing number of while growing our brand names.
You will learn.
– How to structure the back end of your business to develop huge recurring earnings streams that develop long term continuously growing earnings.
– Key offers that you must have to make the most of the incomes from your brand-new consumers.
– How to build loyalty to your brand so your customers buy without needing to be offered to.
– How to construct micro SaaS software to capture repeating consumers.
– How to develop a BIG IDEA SaaS or service that can be sold for 10s of millions when scaled.

Course Alex Becker – The Black File Free Download


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