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Paul Scolardi – SuperTrades Bootcamp
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Paul Scolardi – SuperTrades Bootcamp

Paul Scolardi is a veteran stock trader of 17 years, financial instructor and self-made millionaire. Widely known as the”Superman
of Stocks” on Twitter, Scolardi is popularly famous for his preternatural ability to spot momentum until it appears on nearly any
other radar.Paul Scolardi is the CEO of Super Trades LLC. Furthermore, Scolardi has also been investing/trading in stocks for more
than 18 years and is a self-made multi-millionaire from it. His Twitter handle super_trades was named one of the best Ten Traders
to Follow on Twitter.

Scolardi, who has a resemblance to Clark Kent and thus is referred to by students and followers alike as the”super man” of trading
has verified over $1,000,000 in personal net trading gains from 2014. In the first six months of 2015, he has verified over
$900,000 in personal net trading profits. Scolardi’s site at is well known for posts on some of the most prosperous small/mid cap
stock movers year in and year out.
Scolardi is also a financial educator, with over 1,100 students in more than 30 nations. He teaches a plan comprised out of his
successes in addition to his failures over 18 years of trading. His five top students have every made and confirmed from $200,000-$500,000 in 2014

Paul Scolardi – SuperTrades Bootcamp


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