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Curt Maly – The Belt Method 2020
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Curt Maly – The Belt Method 2020 Download



Boost as well as scale your project profits in 2020 & past!

In February of 2019 …

35 of the world’s TOP digital marketers as well as media buyers fulfilled at Agora head office in Baltimore, MD to complete for ONE coveted reward … The Masters of Marketing Championship Belt!

Each participant shared their VERY BEST strategies for generating one of the most reliable online marketing campaign …

however the title went home with Curt Maly– and also the BELT Method was no longer a secret.

While these techniques have been offered to his 8 figure clients for years …

It’s currently lastly readily available to the public for the first time ever in 10-Module digital training.

The BELT Method is specifically developed to show intermediate to sophisticated Facebook Marketers the proprietary, confirmed BELT Method that won Curt the Master of Marketing belt.

Inside this immersive training program, you’ll obtain will provide hands-on help LIVE to assist you implement these strategies for your business faster than ever before!


Justhow muchmoney areYOU leaving onthe table?

Anytime I share my BELT winning strategies with somebody that’s run Facebook ads previously, I practically constantly get the very same reaction …


Possibly not * that * exact language, yet it’s constantly a quite impressed reaction.

They’ll say something like: “What?!? NO WAY! I had not been wasting THAT much cash, was I ??” or “Woah. I was really leaving THAT much cash on the table?!”.

The majority of people really feel self-conscious.

Or depressing about what they might’ve utilized that money for.

A lot of them even anger.

Not at me, but at Facebook for making them believe they had to drive traffic in simply one really details (and successful for FB) way.

I always tell them “hey, it’s not their fault– you just do not recognize what they simply do not recognize … you understand?”.

And that’s true. The only reason I know one of the most proven FB ad approach worldwide is since I have access to individuals and also resources that the huge majority of people just do not obtain.

That all came through working with (and also coaching) individuals over years of experimentation.

And countless dollars in testing.

And also who even recognizes the number of adjustments and updates to algorithms …

But no matter exactly how you take a look at it, one thing is clear …

I obtained fortunate.

Let’s obtain clear on something …

There’s a BIG difference between fortunate and fortunate.

I’m fortunate to have actually stumbled across an industry that I LOVE and that I’m GREAT at …

And I’m privileged to have developed a customer base that trusts me to teach them the ins-and-outs of Facebook marketing via the testing and also tweaking of many methods and also strategies with them bearing the expense …

But it wasn’t luck that had them betting on me with their own cent.

It was results.

I worked my butt off to develop that good luck …

Now I reach pass this good luck on to you.

Forget the high understanding contour.

Fail to remember the years of experimentation.

Neglect the tens of countless bucks (at minimum) you require to invest simply to “get it right …”.

You get to bypass all the biggest problems that feature mastering leading converting strategies.

and literally collapse time by plugging into my brain throughout the BELT workshop.

I do not train on hacks or tricks … they don’t last long, you can not construct a lasting business with them, and they place your business at risk.

What * I * reveal you is exactly how to utilize the system CORRECTLY to obtain the very most from your advertisement spend.

Even if you’re only spending a couple of bucks a day.

Here’s What Some Of Our BELT Method Alumni Are Saying About This Training …

Here’s What You’ll Get.

Inside The BELT Method.

Whether you are a full time marketer, digital agency owner, or solo-preneur running traffic for your very own business– the BELT Method will provide you with the digital advertising and marketing strategies that you need to take your business to new heights.

The BELT Method Curriculum.

There are 10 core learning modules supplied inside of the BELT Method Member’s area. Each component builds on the last as well as is delivered over below 7-day increments so that you can absorb and also execute the jobs taught in each lesson.

You will also have accessibility to an extensive library of bonus offer trainings, progressed trainings and Q&A sessions to aid you execute the strategies.

Sight the educational program summary listed below:

Module 1: Deep Dive Into The BELT Method.

Deep-dive right into the BELT Method and discover the new consumer trip as well as learn exactly how aligning your message and goals for your audience at the correct time can reduce your purchase prices by up to 80%!
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Component 2: Tracking & Audience Targeting.

Identify the core audiences that have the greatest propensity to purchase your product or service and also monitor their task throughout your sales funnel with the Facebook pixel.

Placeholder Image.

Component 3: Advertisement Content & Copywriting.

Deep dive into ad content and advertisement duplicate that reverberates with your audience. We’ll additionally show you the easy online devices and also sources that we use to source terrific relevant content.

Placeholder Image.

Module 4: Recorded Video & Facebook LIVE.

Learn to produce simple video clip content that offers wonderful interaction at a really inexpensive. We’ll also show you exactly how to use Facebook LIVE to promote your products, events, and also services.

Placeholder Image.

Module 5: The Golden Ads Strategy & Reports.

This is the exact detailed approach we utilize with customers & students that is confirmed to drive importance scores up, advertisement costs down & establish a scalable & foreseeable advertisement version!

Placeholder Image.

Component 6: The Invisible List– a.k.a.

The HOT28. Construct target markets of your best potential customers immediately and also discover exactly how to deliver them the best marketing messages at the best time!

Placeholder Image.

Component 7: The Dollar A Day Advertisement Strategy.

Learn to examine your audiences and also content using this unfamiliar and low-cost ad technique.

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Module 8: Conversion Optimization & The Power5.

Discover Facebook’s strategies for changing advertisement performance and scaling throughout the Facebook Family of Apps, including every person’s preferred CBO.

Placeholder Image.

Module 9: Putting The Method Together.

We’ll put whatever you have discovered together and also find how to evaluate which possessions and also campaigns are doing the best.

Placeholder Image.

Component 10: Campaign Scaling & Next Steps.

We’ve covered the approach and also the strategies, now it’s time to scale. Next we will certainly show you the following steps to take your business to the next degree!

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BENEFIT: Curated Genius Network Trainings.

9+ experienced discussions from previous BELT Method live workshops on copywriting, branding, LinkedIn, Snapchat, analytics, email marketing, and also much more.

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BENEFIT: Weekly LIVE Q&A Calls With Curt Maly.

Weekly online Question as well as Answer calls with Curt as well as his group to address your BELT Method questions, analyze your campaigns & offers, as well as aid you to implement.

Curt Maly – The Belt Method 2020 Download


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Curt Maly – The Belt Method 2020 Download

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