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This Freedom Business Mentoring review aims to lose some light for those of you thinking of entering the consulting, mentoring, as well as solution supplying course created by Max Tornow also known as RSD Max.

I’ll highlight the Good and also the Bad regarding the program, so you’re able to make a notified decision on whether the program is right for you. I do not benefit the Freedom Business Mentoring team, as you will certainly no question discover. As somebody who got the program, I’ll provide my views and be completely transparent.


Freedom Business Mentoring Outline


Freedom Business Mentoring is a course developed by previous PUA and also dating trainer, Max Tornow or RSD Max as well as his team who live out of Kiev, Ukraine.

The program promises to assist business owners find and also monetize their strengths right into creating a liberty coaching business.

The program is broken down into 12 Stages, the final stage being an apparent upsell to more training.

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring


This is the control panel and regarding the structure goes, it educates you the appropriate process to experience when creating any kind of online business, which is to recognize your audience initially as well as their pain-points prior to creating an offer or PFMO (Perfect healthy market offer), which Max calls a USP (Unique selling factor).

The majority of people actually get this backwards, so the preliminary modules of the training will establish you up well if you are a total rookie to beginning a business.

After dedicating on your own to a niche based upon your toughness, you learn just how to carry out a real training session, and afterwards you learn sales. In addition to that there have to do with 4 real-time calls weekly with Max as well as his group that you can jump on and also ask inquiries.

The Freedom Business Mentoring Review– Sales Funnel

Before I enter taking a look at the Pros and Cons, you must recognize what to expect as far as their very own sales funnel goes.

The Top of the Funnel

At the top, Max is clearly using Instagram and also YouTube in order to get leads via to their web site, which is paradoxical since in the course he says do not do this. Most of Max’s content is heavily biased towards solution, coaching, and also consulting offering being the only good way to make a living online.

This is not true, and you should not hold Max as an authority on this due to the fact that he just isn’t an authority. Max was a dating instructor till 2018 as for I can inform. He has constantly made money by means of coaching, so his opinion on dropshipping, blogging, digital media companies or anything else shouldn’t be focused on.

As he states himself, only pay attention to people who have done it. Has he done anything outside of mentoring? No, no he hasn’t.

The Freedom Business Mentoring Landing Page

If you are drawn in using the Social Media networks, you’ll be presented with a hard-selling sales page, which uses every mental technique in guide, particularly deficiency and flipping the script on you to make it feel like there are restricted places available which it’s them who might or might not accept you.

And anybody that claims their areas are restricted are existing if you have the cash they will certainly accept you. Why would they restrict spots and deny themselves more earnings? It’s an evident shortage method to any person that know anything regarding marketing.

After you address a number of concerns, which is truly to display for how much cash you make, you schedule a telephone call with them.

The Setting Call and also Consultation Call

It’s fascinating to experience this process as a person that wishes to learn about sales. Actually, on my phone calls I was taking a lot of notes on inquiries they asked in addition to exactly how they handled challenging arguments I was setting up on purpose.

The setup telephone call was with a youngster called Nico, who was really passionate and, once again, attempting to evaluate for my cost savings each month. I pressed him for how much the course was as well as he hesitated to inform me, yet I ultimately got it out of him.

For those of you wishing to know the price, depending upon your answers, they will pitch you between $2,500– $3,500.

I stated to call me back in a week and i’ll tell him if I’m prepared to start or not. When the week rolled around I terminated the call since I was at a wedding celebration, but he called me anyway.

He wouldn’t let me hang up although i ‘d expressed that I would certainly be inaccessible for the call. He then obtained really pushy over the phone on whether I was dedicated or otherwise and also how they don’t simply take anyone. That gave me a chuckle. I claimed call me tomorrow.

The following day he called and also I experienced the movements with him and also he set me up with the real examination call where he said I ‘d get a lot worth from an individual called Josef.

A couple of days later on Josef called me and also had not been really aggressive. Gave a synopsis of what was involved, and also hit me with at $3,000 Price tag, which was fine. As soon as in a while to maintain the axe sharp, I was really eager to sign up from the obtain go as I like to purchase courses I assume look excellent.

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring


Liberty Business Mentoring Review– The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly.

I figured I would certainly simply bullet factor what I dislike as well as like about the program and then provide my concluded recommendations to anybody on the fencing about signing up with.

The Good.

Course Content.

The Program itself has a great deal of worth in it and also is structured well and also instructs you all you need to understand about establishing an online mentoring business. The principles are audio and also the content detailed, especially at the start. Is it $2,500– $3,000 extensive? Well, I’ll get to that a bit later.

The Consultation Calls.

The examination phone calls exist 3-4 days a week and also are on time as well as you have time to have actually a concern responded to along with a whole number of other people you need to wait for. These aren’t all done by Max nevertheless, yet in means the other trains have a much better fashion concerning them than Max that frequently belittles individuals’s inquiries, as well as seems quickly aggravated.

The Coaching and Consultation Lesson Structure.

The scripts for holding mentoring sessions are great. The structure is audio and it’s easy to comply with, despite the weird little bit of damaged English.

The Bad.

” Always side with the sharks”.

Commonly used quote By Max & his team.
The Misleading Sales Process.
You will obtain a bitter preference in your mouth from the hard-selling style of the team overall from the landing page to the calls. I was trolling a little throughout the calls slightly and also it was interesting to see the man on the first telephone call obtain set off relatively easily.

If you do still want to get involved hereafter Freedom Business Mentoring review, note that there are not restricted areas. If you have the cash, they will let you in.

An additional point is that when you ask the price via Instagram or somewhere you will certainly be provided the response, “It entirely depends on where you want to go as well as what your goals are.”.

It does not. There is one course as well as it’ll be $2,500– $3,500+ relying on just how much money they can determine you can afford. Fundamentally, by not telling you the price, they can milk you for as high as you can pay.


It’s Way as well Expensive For What You Get.

Do not be under the impact that you’re going to be, “trained by Max as well as his group.” Despite exactly how you check out it, this is an online program like any other you would certainly receive from Tai Lopez or someone for typically $297-$ 997.

The fact that they have weekly telephone calls does not make it training, and also the message is very clear that the calls are for any type of “burning questions” you need solution to. Because the once a week phone calls are filled with 50-100 individuals, it is not customized coaching in the tiniest. If you are a complete beginner and also ask a question they regard to be dumb, prepare to be informed your concern is dumb. Max in particular has no qualms about making you really feel humiliated in front of a lot of other individuals who will likewise be enjoying on the call.

I ‘d go as far as to claim that the various other trains, that don’t have huge individual brands are much easier to deal with and also in fact show up to recognize greater than Max.

It follows a ZERO Accountability Model.

What do I imply by this? Like a great deal of not-so-great programs out there, the responsibility is propelled on YOU. Consider a mom bird pushing her young off a tree branch in order to show it exactly how to fly, but after that picture the bird only having one wing and after that speeding to the ground listed below as well as splatting under.

That’s 95% of online courses today. They start great, inform you to venture out there and obtain sales, and after that if you have any type of problems? Oh sorry, it’s your fault! You aren’t trying hard enough, which there is definitely nothing wrong with their methods.

Smart business, but total horseshit. Some people were breaking their ass as well as getting nowhere. There is no evidence to sustain that it’s the fault of the person from what I’ve seen, yet there is proof that it is the mistake of the material as it only promotes hand-operated lead celebration.

Should you be accountable for just how you use the program?

In Freedom Business mentoring, the suggestions is that you should to go and gather sales manually through Facebook groups, Reddit, Instagram, and so on

. Is that good for finding out? Certain, however it’s not the be-all and end-all of getting leads. Look lead generation for training on YouTube and you’ll see many reputable as well as much more knowledgeable instructors claiming that running ads obtains them the most leads.

Max himself isn’t also inline with what he’s showing either considering that he is producing leads by means of his content production as well as previous following to enhance his reach. Has he ever before searched Facebook teams as well as Reddit getting leads by hand like he educates customers too? I doubt it. So, after that one must ask: Why be hellbent on training it?

The response is no question since they needed to conserve some content for their upsell for those that manage to generate leads by hand approximately the song of 10k a month.

They additionally tell you to just do coaching without running an online program, yet they are being contradictory once more by running an online Program with coaching calls secondary.

Reminds me of a GaryVee quote, “Don’t copy what I claim, enjoy what I do.”– And I ‘d suggest you to do the exact same.

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring

The People Making one of the most Money Seem to be Private Students.

One thing you’ll notice in the team is that there are clearly people in there that have actually paid even more than the $2,500– $3,500 cost and are obtaining added product. After I triggered one of the instructors with, “I missed the component in the course about doing ‘Setting Calls’,” I was educated that the man that made the $100k was an exclusive client.

For the primary $2,500– $3,500 course, it implies that there is plainly information behind kept back for personal clients and/or within the upsell. From a business point of view this makes sense as they need to maintain customers and obtain as much money as they can, but also for that price, it ought to all be included.

One example is that in the main course, individuals are instructed to attempt and also do free examinations to sell at completion of the call. Some individuals have been instructed one more procedure, which undoubtedly is much more reliable, consisting of Setting phone calls, which is additionally what you get when signing up to Freedom Business Mentoring.

There are really fairly a great deal of contradictions. Max will certainly urge that no one produce content on their social networks profiles or make use of paid marketing, YouTube channels, or Podcasts, yet it is clear that these are his very own primary methods of getting interest and leads.

While I can’t talk on it clearly, I want to wager that in the upsell, this is all educated. I additionally wagered the upsell is $5,000+. I mean, they know you’ve currently made 10K in order to be qualified for the upsell.

Max’s Instagram Testimonials Paint a Misleading Picture (Not That Many People are Getting Success).

The mark of a great course; online, university or otherwise is asserted on one significant KPI (essential performance indication). What is the pass price?

I will certainly claim this, a lot people landed customers. Even people you ‘d never imagine could have landed a customer, but the quantity of time and energy took into landing that one customer? It appears as though you might also keep your day job.

One individual who had been battling and on much of the real-time telephone calls landed a customer as well as every person was pleased. He was pleased, everyone was offering him props and also he was in this attitude of, “I did it! I made it!”.

Not really. He ‘d gotten one random person to buy coaching after MONTHS of trying, which he now required to go and also do again and also time and again.

I jumped on among the group calls recently and the very same guy existed speaking about how he needed to get a new task. He looked dejected as Max chewed out him.

Absolutely no responsibility design. When was the last time Max went and got handbook leads of Facebook as well as Reddit?

Liberty Business Mentoring Review– Conclusion.
Thanks for reading this Freedom Business Mentoring Review. I understand it’s quite lengthy.

What is my concensus?

Wel for the rate, it is ineffective. They are not instructing anything brand-new imaginable. All that details is readily available on YouTube free of cost, so like lots of online courses, you’re not paying for the content itself as much as the fact they have actually packaged it all with each other for you.

The regular training phone calls aren’t worth it either, so truly you’re paying $2.5-$ 3.5 k for a course that should be $297– $597.

They employ gaslighting techniques like, “This course is laid out as though you need to follow it to a T and don’t run paid ads or do this or that.”.

Um, other than it isn’t however.

They clearly want you to follow their specific approach due to the fact that they are afraid that if you branch off or consult from others you might in fact make money despite them. It’s additionally apparent incidentally the taken down various other approaches of earning money online, which they have no experience with.

Also their technique for creating leads manually were doing not have (unless there is much more in the upsell). There is far better list building training available.

I actually ran ads straight away after the course and got strong leads.

Not saying you need to run ads, however the customers I’ve obtained have been mainly from a combination of much better handbook strategies than what they show, along with ads, which I learned to do from Social Media Marketing training.

Landing customers manually utilizing the methods in Freedom Business Mentoring isn’t generating high sufficient results for people in my viewpoint.

To call-back to what I said at the start of this review, there are additionally other efficient means to monetize your interests as well as earn money online. I’ve been generating income online considering that 2015 in affiliate marketing, decline delivery, SMMA as well as Consulting.

Is training a feasible method to do it though? Yes, certain it is.

Can you make cash in other means?

Yes, of course!

And, if you would be battling to scrape together $2.5 k-$ 3.5 k, my last recommendation would certainly be to not bend over backwards to pay that exorbitant cost.

If you do want to get involved in mentoring or monetizing your enthusiasm in a way that fits YOU, and learn a systemized as well as scalable client purchase technique, I would certainly advise THIS BOOK, which instructs everything in FBM as well as a bag of chips.

Hate the idea of getting on the phone with people weekly? You can still make good cash and also have freedom.

For some it’ll be blogging, for some it’s item development, for some it’s coaching and consulting, for some it’s a firm, and also for others it’s E-Commerce, which is still a technique that functions, regardless of the claims.

Go here for My favorite blog writing training BTW. Still, the very best means to make money online. MEANS MORE profitable than coaching.

I have experience and also a roadmap no matter the methods at which you wish to make money and also be your very own employer.

I was really keen to authorize up from the obtain go as I such as to get courses I think look great when in a while to keep the axe sharp.

They start off good, tell you to get out there and get sales, and also after that if you have any type of issues? Search lead generation for mentoring on YouTube and you’ll see several reputable and extra seasoned instructors stating that running ads obtains them the most leads.

One thing you’ll observe in the group is that there are plainly people in there that have actually paid more than the $2,500– $3,500 charge and also are obtaining additional product. When was the last time Max obtained and also went handbook leads of Facebook and Reddit?

Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring Download


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Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentoring Download

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